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787 RWT MIC Wing Box Contracted in 2014.


737Max Winglet Contracted in 2016.


787 RWT MIC Tip Contracted in 2010.


737 Bulkhead Assembly Contracted in 2012.

Head Office Built in 2003.


No. 2 Plant Built in 2018.

Family Friendly Management Certification Award 2013. 12. 5.

AeroStructure Assembly Training Graduation 2015. 8. 13

Manager Workshop Gyungju 2015. 4. 3.

787 Afterbody Firewall Contracted in 2010.

First Delivery 787 RWT Wing Box 2014. 3. 14.

787 Afterbody APU Door Contracted in 2010.

First Delivery 737 Bulkhead Assembly 2014. 8. 8.

737 Balance Panel Contracted in 2004.

737 Nose Assembly Contracted in 2004.

737 Rod Assembly Contracted in 2004.

747 Rib Contracted in 2007.

Gulfstream V Butterfly Clip Contracted in 1998.

Tech-High-School Visit 2014. 11. 24.

More Information

To Become the Best

Hyune Aero Specialty consistently provides the best value in aero structure parts and assembly to its customers.
From detail parts to mid-size assembly, Hyune offers a wide variety of aero structure products.



Since it first contracted part with Boeing in 1988, Hyune has been a reliable partner for many aerospace customers around the world. Please click below for more information.



From detail parts to mid-size assembly, Hyune produces various kinds of the aerostructural parts for many different aircraft. Please click below for pictures of Hyune's products.

Quality System


As an aerospace business, quality is Hyune's pride. Hyune is certified for various approvals, qualifications and overall quality management systems. Please click below for a complete list of its certifications and approvals.

About Hyune Aero-Specialty, Inc.

Hyune Aero Specialty Inc. is an Aircraft Assembly and Part Manufacturing Company located in Busan, Korea.

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